CoinOutlet is the first American bitcoin ATM company. CoinOutlet is manufacturer of Bitcoin ATM machines. We started operation back in 2014 in Pennsylvania USA, and today we are selling and operating Bitcoin ATM kiosks worldwide.

For the past year, CoinOutlet has been working towards the goal of an easy to use, easy to configure, easy to afford, and easy to own crypto coin ATM. The CoinOutlet crypto ATM realizes the culmination of that goal. By combining a durable and secure cabinet with state-of-the-art peripherals and software, CoinOutlet has earned a unique place in the Bitcoin ATM space.

CoinOutlet, Inc’s founder is Eric Grill. Eric has over 25 years of experience in the financial software industry with a total of 7 years involved with Bitcoin specifically. CoinOutlet is proud to have a team of world-class professionals who are behind the successful growth of the company.


215 North 9th Street, Allentown PA 18102
(415) 466-2945


Eric Grill

Eric Grill


Eric has been a software developer and entrepreneur for the last 20 years and he started working with Bitcoin in earnest back in 2012. Quickly realizing the potential of this relatively new technology, he immersed himself in mining, buying, selling and advocating Bitcoin as a new means of e-commerce.

Relying on his experience in the world of financial software (concentrated on Hedge Funds) he knew that the market could grow only if access to Bitcoin was available to everyone. Thus the idea of a Bitcoin ATM was born. As with many innovative ideas, this one was being implemented by several other manufacturers; however, none of these were aimed at the market that Eric knew had the greatest potential.

In early 2013, Eric approached Richard Haber, with whom he had collaborated for 7 years on several major projects, and recruited him to help. Eric’s enthusiasm and drive are infectious and the team was able to bring the CoinOutlet brand and its premier ATM to the public in less than a year. And place CoinOutlet as one of the first Bitcoin ATM manufacturer based in USA on the map of crypto innovators. Eric is an active member of the Bitcoin community and is a recognized and sought after authority in the crypto-currency World.

Daniel Ongera Nyairo

Daniel Ongera Nyairo

Content Creator

Daniel is a writer whose passion is to engage and delight with online content. He believes in the power that comes from a word placed at the right place. He has been writing and editing blog posts, articles, and marketing copies since 2008, initially as a hobby and later as a career.

He is currently a student of English, literature and linguistics at Kenyatta University, Nairobi Kenya..

Daniel first learnt of Bitcoin in 2013 and after initially dismissing it, came to see potential to change how things happen in its fine details.

Belinda Too

Belinda Too

Branding and Communications Director

 Belinda has an MBA in Media Communications from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, and San Diego State University. She’s a serial entrepreneur, and is now enjoying bringing her marketing, promotional, branding and social media skills to work with bigger entrepreneurs.

She specialises in helping crypto currency companies with marketing, branding, public relations and content, and is also the Technical Editor at CryptoBizMagazine.com. She is nominated in four categories at the 2014 Public Relations Society of America (San Diego) Awards.

Abhimanyu Dayal

Abhimanyu Dayal

Director of UK Operations

Amzy’s background knowledge focuses on economics, banking, finance and cryptocurrencies.

He started investing in Bitcoin in the early days when it was only worth 5 USD/BTC, becoming a frontier witness to the roller coster ride of Bitcoin journey – this made him into a passionate advocate for the young currency. He studies Banking and Finance at the University of Leicester, UK. His aim in life is to use technology as a platform to reinvent competition in governance to eradicate governmental mismanagement in developing nations.