CoinOutlet presents

The most reliable BTM on the market




Super easy to use

CoinOutlet BTM

Your partner for the future

The most reliable BTM existing


CoinOutlet developed the most advance 2-way BTM on the market

Made to last

Made from bank-grade cold rolled steel your BTM will keep standing under any conditions

Flexible compliance implementation

Fast & flexible compliance implementation so that you can focus on expanding your business instead of worrying about regulations

Eye catching de

With its recognizable bitcoin colors and crisp touch-screen this BTM definitely attracts attention.

Supports most languages and currencies

Japan,Holland or USA…. it doesn’t matter where you are, this BTM supports your language and currency.

INFINITY 2.0 – easy to use, easy to configure and made to last.


Audio Amplifier & 2 Speakers

Audio Amplifier & 2 Speakers

ID / Barcode

& QR Scanner


Steel Housing

2 Cameras

19'' Touch screen monitor


High security banknote validator

Infinity 2.0

Easy to use interface

Our front end software was developed with your customers in mind. We developed an intuitive, easy to use interface which will guide your customers as easy as 1-2-3 leaving them happy with the service you provide for them.

Absolute control for the operator

We know how important it is to have full control over your business 24/7. Our back end dashboard and detailed reporting system gives you a full insight and absolute control over your BTMs at all times. Need to change those fees? Not a problem! In couple of clicks you can have your whole network updated, or just one machine, choice is yours.

Our back end dashboard interface gives you full insight and absolute control over all of your BTMs.

Know Your Costumer

Simple and easy AML/KYC compliance implementation


Our BTM kiosk is compliant with any KYC/AML regulation you have set for your business.  We made sure to take hassle away.

Simple and easy AML/KYC compliance implementation


Infinity 2.0 is one of the most advanced and by far the most flexible BTM’s on the market, In combination with our state of the art backend compliance software we can achieve any compliance level regulators in your area have set.



$6000 + Shipping $600

Software support and updates 1% monthly

*Country Import Duties are not included in price




“Coinoutlet ATM’s are the simplest way to buy bitcoins with cash.Their machines make

the buying and selling process a walk in the park compared to other ATM providers.”