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We provide ATMs for buying and selling bitcoins with cash. Buy bitcoins today at one of our many locations across the nation.
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Bitcoin is a digital currency that is free to use by anyone, and can send instant payments anywhere across the globe. It’s a whole new form of currency designed for the modern era and it can be easily traded through the bitcoin prime website. Bitcoin Prime offers a variety of tools to help users manage the risk associated with high leverage. This can lead to higher returns on a small investment..

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Bitcoin ATM


Coinoutlet is a bitcoin ATM. With Coinoutlet, you can easily and securely buy bitcoins. We make sure the process is as simple as possible. There is another way to buy bitcoin which is through your bank account.   For that, you need to pick a Bitcoin exchange at first, open an account with it, put cash into your account, choose bank transfer from the payment method drop-down menu as to use your bank account to buy bitcoin and in the top menu, search Bitcoin and then click Open Trade and select a quantity of Bitcoin to buy.

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Getting started with Bitcoin is easy! Find a Coinoutlet near you and convert any supported currency to bitcoin with your cash.

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Easy to use interface

Bitcoin can be purchased or sold from our kiosk in seconds. Coinoutlet ATMs accept cash, and the purchased bitcoin is sent directly to the wallet that was scanned during the transaction.

“Coinoutlet ATM’s are the simplest way to buy bitcoins with cash.Their machines make

the buying and selling process a walk in the park compared to other ATM providers.”

Multiple locations and growing

Our network of Coinoutlet Kiosks is still expanding and always growing. We have many locaitons across the United States, and are adding more to our network as we grow. Find a Coinoutlet near you to buy or sell bitcoin today.

“Getting into bitcoin has never been easier than walking up to a Coinoutlet with cash

and walking away with bitcoins ready to use in your mobile wallet.”

A new kind of money

Bitcoin is changing how money is used, sent, and exchanged.

Bitcoin is the world’s first open source payments system. It drives the network of new financial and commercial systems, and the expanding bitcoin community is leading the way to developing more tools to expand it’s use.
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