CoinOutlet to Boost European Bitcoin Ecosystem

Leuven, Belgium. October 22, 2014 – At the B2BTC conference in Brussels last week, CoinOutlet’s Director of European Operations, Abhimanyu Dayal, promised a bright future with CoinOutlet Bitcoin ATM’s on every European street corner.

Bitcoin ATM machines are the centre of the Bitcoin ecosystem because they provide the public access to easy and convenient buying and selling of Bitcoin for real cash.  With this in mind, CoinOutlet intends to revolutionise the Bitcoin market in Europe with its specially designed ATM technology.

CoinOutlet’s kiosks provide secure fulfillment services with bank grade security, and will soon be popping up all over the United States due to a partnership that allows installation of ATMs at 100,000 public locations.  They have created the foundations for quickly becoming the largest and most respected Bitcoin ATM network in the world – thereby accelerating mainstream adoption of the revolution in money and technology.  Continuing this successful model in Europe is the obvious next step.

Dayal’s plan for European expansion is to rapidly roll out a similar style ATM network to the U.S. and work closely with CoinOutlet’s CEO Eric Grill and his world-class team of specialists to strategically place Bitcoin ATM’s in high traffic areas across Europe.

He is also working on an ambitious project to build a Bitcoin shopping street in the beautiful Belgian city of Ghent. His future plans include setting up similar Bitcoin shopping streets for Brussels and Antwerpen.

The advantage of CoinOutlet’s unique machines is they are one of the only companies on the market to offer a flexible two-way model, allowing users to either buy or sell bitcoins. In addition, CoinOutlet is rolling out a point of sale technology in conjunction with the ATMs, which will encourage mainstream merchant adoption of Bitcoin.

It is exciting times for CoinOutlet, with plans to launch up to 100 machines before the end of the year in busy locations like airports, transport centres and convenience stores.  CoinOutlet is coming to Europe, so prepare for the Bitcoin market and economy to be revolutionised!



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