by  Jonathan Saewitz

At 6:00 PM EST 11/14/14, Bitcoin ATM serviceCoin Outlet will officially open a Bitcoin ATM to the public at Four54 Grill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This is the first Bitcoin ATM in Pennsylvania. Coin Outlet CEO Eric Grill will be in attendance to showcase the new ATM and help people use it. Leigh Menkes, owner of Four54 Grill, pronounced that everyone should “come down to the best burger joint in town on Friday, and bring your Bitcoin wallet!”

You can head out to the event tonight; it will be held at 6 PM EST at Four54 Grill, 454 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17602. The ATMs are two-way, meaning that you can either buy or sell Bitcoin with them. At the event, Four54 Grill will be accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment, however it is unclear whether or not they will continue to do so in the future. […] read the full article at

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