Maryland’s first Bitcoin ATM goes live

The ATM opened for business Monday at the Fells Point bar Bad Decisions, which was the first Baltimore business to accept Bitcoin as payment.

When you need cash to split a bar tab, you’re probably apt to hit the ATM. But the lone ATM at Bad Decisions in Fells Point spits out currency of a different sort.

On Monday, Maryland’s first Bitcoin ATM went live.

Users can scan a QR code on their digital wallet to buy and sell the cryptocurrency. If it was going to be anywhere in Maryland, it was probably going to be at Bad Decisions. The bar hosts the city’s Bitcoin Meetup group and, owner John Reusing said, “We’re early adopters for all of the tech stuff.”

The bar has accepted Bitcoin since last December, was one of the first Baltimore bars to use Foursquare as a marketing tool and even has its own mobile app.

Reusling said the meetup group and events are outliers, and that he usually sees just “a handful” of Bitcoin customers a month. But, he said, it’s a handy marketing move.

“A tourist that will leave the Inner Harbor, they’ll come here,” Reusing said. “You’re coming here specifically to use that ATM. It’s bringing a customer in the door.” […] Read the full story at Article and photo by Tyler Waldman.

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