Burlington, NC, – January 8, 2015
The Center for Innovation at the University of North Dakota has a new piece of financial technology installed in time for the Spring Semester – a Bitcoin ATM which will open for business this week.

Bitcoin the digital currency, once seen as a questionable technological apparatus for programmers and anti-establishment types, has been gaining popularity and acceptance as a legitimate means to conduct business. The new currency has seen recent adoption by both small and large merchants including Overstock and Paypal, and manufacturers of the ATM, CoinOutlet Inc, are installing machines across the U.S. in an effort to lay the foundation of the Bitcoin ecosystem for further integration into the mainstream.

CoinOutlet is a tech startup company in the digital finance sector, and thus, perfectly aligned with the Center’s support for innovators, entrepreneurs, new ventures and technologies.

Entrepreneur Dan Schott of Digital Kiosk Systems, LLC (DKS) has been working with CoinOutlet to implement Bitcoin ATMs in North Dakota. He is committed to the education and development in large, small, and rural communities as a Bitcoin entrepreneur.

Educational seminars about Bitcoin will also be available at the Center for Innovation in Grand Forks. Schott has established “Grand Forks Bitcoin Education Classes” through MeetUp.com with the goal of providing free education to those interested in bitcoin technology.

Anyone will be able to access the services the Bitcoin ATM provides – both buying and selling of bitcoins using U.S. dollars. The Center for Innovation is located at the Ina Mae Rude Entrepreneur Center, University of North Dakota, 4200 James Ray Drive, Grand Forks, ND 58203.

Digital Kiosk Systems, LLC
Dan Schott
Founder – Digital Kiosk Systems, LLC
[email protected]

CoinOutlet, Inc:
CoinOutlet is a rapidly growing startup that manufactures AML / KYC compliant Bitcoin ATM’s with two-way transaction via a recycler and secure fulfillment services with bank grade security. It provides a convenient means for the general public to safely buy and sell bitcoins with cash. CoinOutlet is proudly supported by its lead investor Bitcoin Shop, Inc. (OTCQB: BTCS) which is building a universal digital currency platform under the BTCS (“Blockchain Technology Consumer Solutions”) brand.

More information about CoinOutlet can be found at www.coinoutletatm.com

Belinda Too
Coin Outlet Inc.
Branding & Communications Director,
[email protected]