2GIVE Coin now supported on CoinOutlet ATMs worldwide

Since their start in May 2016, 2Give has made quite a progress in the altcoin industry by having a 400% growth since the coin was launched. 2GIVE altcoin is a next generation stakeholder based cryptocurrency which makes easier to support your charity cause. According to http://2give.info, their stakeholders have the ability of earning a 5% interest per annum and also a 1% transmission fee( TXFEE) that can be earned by mining 2GIVE.

Because 2GIVE wanted to run a charitable based blockchain, they introduced a POS/POW based model whereby stakeholders are rewarding for keeping the coins and running the wallet software while the miners are also rewarded with a 1% minimum transaction fee for securing the network. Sitting on the 242 Rank with a $1,256,855 market cap – 2GIVE is one of the altcoins worth investing in it, especially if you like to do a bit of good. 2GIVE has made a great work so far especially by introducing the “Proof-of-Giving” concept and now is taking the next step.

Right now, the charitable altcoin – 2GIVE – had fulfilled another step towards the worldwide adoption of the altcoin by being installed on CoinOutlet ATMs.

CoinOutlet is an Bitcoin ATM provider company, and our ATMs allows you to purchase a bitcoin or an AltCoins with cash. With easy to use, easy to configure and easy to own cryptocurrency ATM which combines a secure cabinet, reliable hardware and cutting edge software – CoinOutlet ATM is one of the most reliable crypto coin ATMs that exists right now. CoinOutlet ATM offers an easy and secure way to convert your crypto currency into fiat currency, by allowing you to withdraw a bitcoin in less than minutes, while offering operators easy to use and simple to control back end.

Giving their 5% per annum interest system and the 1% mining fee, it won’t be long until we’ll see a lot of people investing into 2GIVE and making this altcoin recognized worldwide. Listing 2GIVE as an option “purchase for cash” on CoinOutlet ATM is just a first step in a long line of innovations that will follow 2GIVE Coin development in next few months. Keep an eye on this coin because more announcements will follow soon.

With a bit of awareness and a few people who want to do a bit of good, 2GIVE can reach worldwide. If you want to be a part of it, check http://2give.info and find out how you can help the cause.

If you want to purchase 2GIVE, you can do it by buying it from Bittrex, POSWallet or YoBit and transferring them to your own wallet or sending it to a friend – each way, you would be helping the 2GIVE altcoin. Also, if you have a CoinOutlet ATM near you and want to do a gift for a friend, buy him a few 2GIVE coins – who knows how much would they worth in a year or two.