It is true that you can learn anything about Bitcoin and other crypto coins from the Internet. However, attending live events comes with added human contact experience that makes a huge difference in how you perceive cryptocurrency.

Here is a list of six types of live events you should consider attending to learn and network with developers, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators and fellow enthusiasts.

1. Bitcoin conferences

The Bitcoin community regularly organizes conferences in cities around the world. The first Bitcoin Conference was held in August 2011 in New York City. The notable ones that have taken place since then include the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, International Bitcoin Conference in Amsterdam and the Bitcoin Africa Conference in Cape Town.

Some of these Bitcoin conferences are free to attend while others do charge a fee. In order to know if one is coming to your city, check page.

2. Public Hearings on digital currencies

Public hearings are forums convened by elected officials, regulators, and the public to discuss the place of bitcoin within the law in a given state or country. They are often open for interested members of public to attend.

Such hearings that have happened in the past include Canadian Senate Committee on Banking trade and commerce and the US Senate Hearing on Virtual Currency by the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.

While you might not be in a place to attend the national public hearings, there is always likelihood that it could take place in your local town hall.

3. Finance Conferences

Bitcoin is becoming disruptive in financial and banking sector. It is, therefore, common now for it to be a topic of discussion in financial and economic conferences. If you are attending one of such meetings, you may participate in panel discussions exploring the potential of bitcoin and other digital currencies.

While these events are organized by bankers and traditional financial service providers, the information shared could help you get an understanding of what bitcoin is and how it differs from the fiat currency.

4. Bitcoin Meetups

Bitcoin meet ups events happen now in many cities and towns around the world. They are small meetings of Bitcoin enthusiasts organized either weekly or monthly to share their experiences and ideas

There are several tools that can help you find one that is taking place in your town. The most popular of these is

There often are no restrictions on a choice of venue nor who can host a bitcoin meet up. They are typically held in coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, conference halls, or out in the park.

5. University Bitcoin clubs

College Crypto Network is a not –profit making organization that brings together universities across the world to disseminate information on cryptocurrency. Its site helps students in these universities, who have an interest in Bitcoin, to form campus communities where they share information and ideas.

If you are a student, this is a perfect place to start meeting people who know more about Bitcoin and, therefore, learn. They also have resources in regard to start-ups, internships, trading guides and mining tutorials.

MIT Bitcoin club and Stanford bitcoin group are examples of communities that have sprung out of educational institutions. They do hold events for students where they interact, ask questions and exchange ideas on bitcoin.

6. Bitcoin Hackathons

Hackathons are short events, designed for Bitcoin enthusiasts and developers to dive into fun projects in a co-shared space. These events allow friends and strangers to team up and come up with Bitcoin ideas.

By attending such an event, you not only stand to learn about bitcoins but also take part in these projects and even wind up meeting important people to work with.