The city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which is the seat of the Lancaster County, has always jostled for a place in the history of the United States. Apart from being one of the oldest inland towns, it had a brief stint as a capital of the colonies in 1777.

It was also home to James Buchanan, Jr, the 15th president of the United States, who served between 1857 and 1861.

Buy or sell bitcoins, have a bite as well in the city

In the recent years, the small city of about 60,000 residents has been known for its fast adoption of innovative technologies. And a case point is its public CCTV infrastructure. The city has the highest number of cameras per capita in the country.

This is despite the fact that this is a small town surrounded by an agricultural community. Indeed fresh food is never in short supply, and one of the oldest markets for farm produce in the nation is located here.

And talking of food, there are several eateries within the town serving a variety of cuisine to both locals and visitors. One of these establishments is the pizzeria and burger joint Four54Grill located at the address 454 New Holland Avenue, Lancaster, PA 17602.

Four54Grill was the second ATM by CoinOutlet to go live

In November 2014 the eatery added to the history of the city.  It installed a CoinOutlet ATM to make it possible for locals and visitors to use bitcoins. That means that aside from being served with delicious burgers, sandwiches and pizzas, you can also buy or sell bitcoins at the shop.

This was the second machine ever to be installed by CoinOutlet and the first in the city.

The ATM is in operation during the open hours, which is 10 am to 8 pm between Monday and Friday. On Saturday, they are open as from 12 noons until 8 pm. However, they are closed on Sundays.

If you are a resident of the city or happen to visit and want to buy or sell bitcoins and while at it enjoy a bite, you can make a visit to Four54Grill along New Holland Avenue.