Couple to get Married on the Bitcoin Blockchain at Disney Bitcoin Conference

Couple to get Married on the Bitcoin Blockchain at Disney Bitcoin Conference


Lake Buena Vista, Florida, September 22 – The value of Bitcoin is about to become life changing for one couple, who will use Bitcoin technology to register their marriage on the blockchain, as one of the governance services provided by Bitnation. 

This hi-tech wedding is the first of its kind, and will take place at the Disney World Coins in the Kingdom Bitcoin Conference on October 4th and 5th at The Wyndham Lake Buena Vista on The Walt Disney World Resort.

David Mondrus is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of, and advisor at Bitnation, who met Joyce Bayo while he was researching new business opportunities in the Philippines. She stole his heart when she fed him pineapple on a boat. He stole a kiss from her the following night and she has been trying to get it back ever since.

“We believe that like the blockchain, our love and marriage are forever and that our relationship is not defined by governments or the church.  So enshrining our commitment to each other in the blockchain in front of our friends is very dear to us.” — David Mondrus

The blockchain is a cryptographically secure public ledger distributed amongst all of its users, which records all transactions on the the Bitcoin Network.  When one address signs a transaction it is broadcasted to the network and recorded forever.  The blockchain cannot be changed or edited unless there is a consensus within the community of people from all over the world who help maintain the ledger and at this point that numbers above 7000+.  The blockchain allows people to be able to always go back and verify when a transaction has a occurred, where it was sent from, and the address which received the transaction.

One way of utilizing this public ledger technology is to embed messages or contracts inside of a transaction.  These contracts or messages can be seen by anybody looking at the blockchain as long as it exists.  Pondering what type of records one usually documents publically, a variety of uses come to mind such as marriages, titles, notarized documents, shareholder agreements, and even votes.  Once embedded within the blockchain, it is easy to determine who owns what utilizing a tool called a block explorer and all without the necessity of a central physical location to store the documents.  In effect the blockchain is a record of all of our actions and achievements stamped permanently in time. The blockchain is a transparent time capsule for all to see.

The wedding will take place at 10:30am Sunday October 5th during the Bitnation panel at the conference, and will be entered onto the blockchain via the exclusive technology found on a CoinOutlet Kiosk.  These kiosks are Bitcoin ‘ATMs’, soon to be installed across the US for easy public access to buying and selling bitcoin – and CoinOutlet is delighted to be the provider of services for the first ‘Blockchain Marriage’.

Blockchain marriages are ideal for couples who want to record their commitment to each other in a secure and permanent place, but whose relationship may not fit the current governmental system, or any governmental system at all. Some examples might be gay couples or polyamorous groups whose idea of marriage may not so easily conform to the current rules set by governments. Officiating this first Bitmarriage will be Jeffrey Tucker; author/publisher, and the founder of

Bitnation governance 2.0 is a borderless, decentralized and voluntary type of blockchain-based governance service provider. The Bitnation platform is set-up to host an ID system based on reputation, a dispute resolution system, and places to store all your blockchain based contracts, such as land deeds, wills, childcare contracts, marriage contracts, corporate incorporations, and more. The ecosystem of secure identities, multiple contracts, and asset management makes it ideal for marriage – because it means a couple can tie their wedding contract to a shared savings account – a Bitcoin wallet – to a childcare contract, a land deed, or other relevant thing for a secure future together.

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