It is not always that bad decisions are bad.  At least, this is what came out of CoinOutlet’s first ATM to go live.

After many months of the hard work of planning, designing and all the other necessary preliminaries, it was time for Eric Grill, Richard Haber and the rest of the team to put a finished ATM to work in an environment it is designed for.

And there was no better place to do this than in a popular bar going by the name Bad Decisions located at the address 1928, Fleet St Baltimore, MD 21231.

The ATM is accessible during the open hours of Bad Decisions

This is where on the evening of 20th October 2014 behind murmurs of excitement and clinking of glasses, the first Bitcoin transaction on a CoinOutlet ATM did take place. The machine has remained there ever since and continues to enable revelers acquire and offload bitcoins.

You can access the ATM during the open hours of the bar. And between Monday and Saturday, that time is 5 pm to 2 am in the morning. While on Sundays, the opening hour comes earlier, at noon.

Just like with the other CoinOutlet ATMs installed elsewhere, you are not limited as to how much of bitcoins you can buy or sell. However, in order to meet the Anti Money Laundering regulations, you will have to scan your ID every time you purchase bitcoins worth more than $2000 or sell more than $500.

There is more at this bar than just a Bitcoin ATM and cocktails

The Bad Decision bar is popular with the locals as well as visitors out of town for its cocktails and food like bacon.

Apart from the ATM, drinks and food, the bar, which is owned by John Reusing, a jolly and dedicated guy, stands out in several other ways. For instance, the list of drinks available is presented to customers in a handwritten list.

In fact, you have every reason to give it a serious consideration anytime you are in Baltimore, and you want to grab a drink or bite bacon, but need to sell or buy bitcoins first.