Coins in the Kingdom Bitcoin Beginners Workshop – featuring CoinOutlet ATM

Coins in the Kingdom Bitcoin Beginners Workshop

(ORLANDO, FL) Curious to learn more about Bitcoin? Need help making sure you’ve properly secured your Magic Internet Money? You are invited to participate in a fun, family friendly, hands-on workshop when the Coins in the Kingdom Conference descends on Orlando, October 4-5. The Bitcoin Beginners’ Workshop, hosted by Will Pangman (Tapeke), and Leigh Haynes (Basic Bitcoin), is open to all Coins in the Kingdom attendees and takes place on Saturday, October 4 at 9:30 a.m., in Orlando’s Wyndham Hotel. Participants will receive a paper wallet containing .01 BTC and learn how to import the BTC into their own wallets, for a truly hands-on cryptocurrency experience.

Bitcoin is still in its infancy, but it’s never been easier to get started, and the Beginners’ Workshop is a great opportunity for folks who are curious but would like some in-person support. The goal for this event is to demonstrate that Bitcoin is ready for mainstream use, and to provide a friendly, risk-free setting in which Bitcoin newcomers can safely receive, send, and optionally purchase Bitcoin from a CoinOutlet ATM Kiosk.

Workshop participants will:

● Learn how to create and properly secure a variety of wallet types

● Receive a Bitcoin paper wallet containing a bitcent (.01 BTC)

● Learn how to install a smartphone app to create a personal Bitcoin wallet

● Learn how to sweep the .01 BTC from the paper wallet into their new smartphone wallet

● Learn how to purchase Bitcoin from a CoinOutlet Kiosk

Workshop hosts will demonstrate how to:

● Make a purchase with Bitcoin from BitcoinShop.US (BTCS)

● Donate to a Bitcoin-accepting charity

● Buy and sell BTC on a Bitcoin exchange

Even if you’re not a “Bitcoin Beginner” yourself, come to the Workshop to see some ideas and techniques that can be useful to you (and improved upon by you!) back home for engaging newcomers in your own community!


If you’d like to learn more about the Bitcoin Beginners’ Workshop, please contact Will Pangman at (913) 717-9455 ([email protected]) or Leigh Haynes at (415) 448-6115 ([email protected]).